Services marcin

Catalogue translation

Translating the catalogue / website / price list, etc. is the first step to acquire your potential customers on the foreign market. You need to be sure that the recipient of your product will understand in 100% what you offer to them and why it is worth working with you.

Searching for clients on the Italian / Spanish/Polish market + mailing and telephones

Creating a database of potential clients is not enough to get the interest in cooperation of the foreign client, he must know that the language barrier will not be a problem in running a business relationship. We will find contacts for you, call on your behalf, present your company and product, and send a catalogue of your products.

Participation in business meetings, translation service / representation at the meeting

Have you arranged a business meeting? GREAT …. but don’t miss your chance. Be sure that the language barrier or ignorance of a given culture will not be an obstacle to finalize a new contract. You can count with our support, we will always be with you!

Digital marketing for the selected country

Be sure that your product will be known in the new market, it will guarantee your success. We take care of everything, you admire the effects.

Handling correspondence (translating both inbound and outbound emails)

Telephone conversations with clients in Italian / Spanish / Polish as well as handling outgoing and incoming correspondence will ensure efficient service for your foreign clients. Make sure you understand everything.

Organization of fairs and support at fairs

Trade fairs are a great idea for promoting your company in a new market, in this way you can make many interesting acquaintances. Don’t let the language barrier prevent you from negotiating. We will organize your participation in the fair and, what’s more, we will go with you to support you in searching for potential customers

Non-standard activities (Temporary sales manager on the Italian / Spanish / Polish market)

Do you need other services? Are you interested in another type of cooperation? Are you looking for a sales manager on the Italian / Spanish / Polish market? Contact us, tell us what you are looking for. We are sure that we will help!